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Patent Information My fees for trademark attorney services, such as the preparation and submission of a United Stated Federal trademark application, begin at $250. This $250 fee does not include any Patent and Trademark official filing fees (currently $325 for one class of goods or services.) Your trademark application may require more than one class. My other fees, both flat and hourly, will depend on the complexity and amount of time involved in production of the required work. The Patent and Trademark Office also charges fees for many activities, for example the initial filing fee. Please contact me to discuss the anticipated fees and costs involved in your trademark or service mark matter. I offer a free consultation to get you educated on what you need to do to get started. A typical filing will involve filing the application with the US Patent and Trademark Office and responding to one or more office actions regarding the application.

Trademark searches start at $300 and can increase in cost in proportion to the thoroughness and breadth of the trademark search desired.

Are you interested in complete service from search to filing to prosecution, issuance and maintenance? Or have you filed an application and received an official “office action” from the Patent and Trademark office and you just need help with the response? I can provide assistance if you have attempted to file an application and have received an office action such as a rejection and also if you wish to start or maintain a portfolio of world wide brand protection at an affordable cost.

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