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Do you have a new business with new logo or slogan? is the web site of the Law Office of Michael P. Eddy. We are a small group of U.S. patent and trademark attorneys that work with clients to help protect their intellectual property rights. These rights include rights in patents, trademarks, copyrights, and other intangible property such as domain name rights. We can assist you with getting your product, service or brand protected and maintained. Let us help you get the patent process started today by establishing your inventorship of your new inventions or registering your trademarks so that your concepts and your business are protected into the future. Patent protection for your new product or service will give you rights to exclude others from using, making or selling your new invention for specific periods of time. Similarly, U.S. federal trademark registration gives you additional options in enforcing your trademark rights. By keeping our overhead low, we can offer our clients extremely competitive rates while providing the same high level of service our clients expect. Attorney Michael P. Eddy is licensed with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) as a registered patent attorney as well as an attorney with the State Bar of California. Attorney Victor Repkin is also licensed with the USPTO as well as the State Bar of California. Attorneys Repkin and Eddy work in a number of patent prosecution technology areas including chemistry, biotechnology, pharmacology, mechanical, electrical, optical, computer implemented methods / applications and process / method patents.

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